The California Zephyr: Sacramento

Just north of the Sacramento station are the eight surviving buildings from a massive maintenance facility for the Southern Pacific and Central Pacific Railways. The Central Pacific first began using the site in 1863 and at its height in the 1930s the site had over 90 buildings on 200 acres. Steam locomotives required constant maintenance to stay in operating condition and this was the primary activity on this site, although there was some new construction as well. The facility remained in operation until 1999 and future plans for the site include a museum and high speed rail station.

12/21/2010 15:10:30
Southern Pacific Locomotive Works
12/21/2010 15:10:36
SP Locomotive Works
12/21/2010 15:11:52
Sacramento Station
12/21/2010 15:22:40
SP Locomotive Works
12/21/2010 15:23:34
SP Locomotive Works
12/21/2010 15:24:10
Relics of old facility
12/21/2010 15:24:20
Relics of old facility
12/21/2010 15:24:24
Relics of old facility
12/21/2010 15:29:08
I-80 into Sacramento
12/21/2010 15:29:18
Homeless camp on the
12/21/2010 15:29:32
Landfill gas vents
12/21/2010 15:37:30
12/21/2010 15:41:52
J.R. Davis rail yard
12/21/2010 15:49:36
J.R. Davis rail yard
12/21/2010 16:09:34
Roseville Station
12/21/2010 16:10:46
A "situation" at the Roseville Station