New York City

The real fever of love for the place will begin to take hold upon him. The subtle, insidious wine of New York will begin to intoxicate him. Then, if he is wise, he will go away, any place - yes, he will even go over to Jersey. But if he be a fool, he will stay and stay on until the town becomes all in all to him; until the very streets are his chums and certain buildings and corners his best friends. Then he is hopeless, and to live elsewhere would be death. The Bowery will be his romance, Broadway his lyric, and the Park his pastoral, the river and the glory of it all his epic, and he will look down pityingly on all the rest of humanity.

- Paul Laurence Dunbar


The arteries and veins
that keep the city alive.

Urban Renewal

Chronicle of the
ever-changing built environment.


Verdant oases within
America's most urban city.


Institutions devoted to
art, history, flora and fauna.


A random collection of memorable
natural and man-made moments.


The infrastructure of
live and filmed entertainment.


Photos and information on some of the
city's notable and overlooked structures.


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