601 West 40th Street

601 West 40th Street is the Metropolitan Transit Authority's Michael J. Quill Bus Depot. In the 1920s, this lot was home to stockyards, slaughterhouses and garages. By 1933, at least one auto repair shop called the block home. By 1964, these establishments had relinquished the block for an open transit yard. In the late 1960s, Greyhound Bus Lines built this cheerful modernist structure to house offices and a bus depot. The building was sold to the New York City Transit Authority in 1996 and reopened as a depot for city buses in 1998. In 2000 it was renamed after one of the founders of the Transport Workers Union of America.

09/01/2008 14:06:55
Quill Bus Depot
09/01/2008 14:08:32
Quill Bus Depot
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Unusual multiheaded fire department connection

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