Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park runs along the waterfront under and between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. The park includes Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, which runs from the Brooklyn Bridge northeast in front of the Empire Stores building and falls under the jurisdiction of the state. The park sits on what was a team track yard between Empire Stores and the river, where cargo could be unloaded from freight rail cars onto wagons. Curiously (and, perhaps, for some legal liability reason), although the water is directly accessible in other parts of the park, the Empire-Fulton is walled off by rocks and rangers keep patrons from walking on the beach.

08/22/2008 17:30:57
Park waterfront looking back at Empire Stores
08/22/2008 18:02:28
Brooklyn Bridge Park and Empire Stores
08/22/2008 17:27:03
Empire-Ferry State Park waterfront
08/22/2008 17:28:26
Brooklyn Bridge Park sign
08/22/2008 17:28:55
Entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park northeast of Empire-Ferry State Park
08/22/2008 17:29:51
Park waterfront overlooking the Manhattan Bridge
08/22/2008 17:31:25
Wedding photo party under the Manhattan Bridge
08/22/2008 17:32:31
Wedding photo party under the Manhattan Bridge
08/22/2008 17:32:47
08/22/2008 17:59:21
Plymouth Street, Empire-Fulton State Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park
08/22/2008 18:05:17
The DUMBO waterfront

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