41st Precinct

The 41st Precinct was popularized in the 1981 Paul Newman film, Fort Apache, The Bronx, a work that was typical for its time in depicting New York as a corrupt, crime-ridden, post-apocalyptic wasteland. The original precinct house was at 1086 Simpson Street, but relocated to this new building on Intervale Avenue at Southern Boulevard in the 1980s.

Just to the west of the precinct is a building for the Police Athletic League, which was formed in 1914 to provide recreational activities for poor children. Jane Jacobs (1961, 109) noted the research of Karl Menninger that showed violent play (along with work and contact with other people) was a meaningful activity that could combat the "will to destruction" plaguing cities with few opportunities for positive outdoor recreation.

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41st Precinct
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41st Precinct
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Police Athletic League

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