Pier 99

At 59th street, the active river piers resume with the Sanitation Department's Pier 99 which is the loading point for garbage barges ferrying the city's garbage out of the city to a variety of points around the country. New York City generates 8,627 tons of garbage each day, of which 3,913 tons are recycled. (Manhattan Spirit, September 12, 1997) There is a cruise ship dock just south of the sanitation dock.

09/02/2001 07:08:20
Pier 99
09/02/2001 07:15:16
Pier 99
10/10/2008 12:01:05
Lawn and Sanitation Dept. Pier 99
09/01/2008 13:49:18
Boat launch at 59th Street north of Pier 99

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