Sans Serif Fonts

Fonts used for lettering on Art Deco buildings are distinctive and then, as now, had a clean, modern and sophisticated quality. They were almost universally sans serif and often entirely capitalized. Typical representatives include Eric Gill's Gill Sans and Perpetua fonts and Paul Renner's Futura fonts (frequently featured on posters of the time). On occasion, more radical fonts were created based on geometric shapes (notably circles) and were often multi-lineal.

07/10/2008 17:51:09
Woodcrest Apartments - Midwood, Brooklyn
07/10/2008 17:52:58
Woodcrest Apartments
05/02/2008 15:18:14
Morgan General Mail Facility
09/26/2006 18:57:25
Stanton Substation
09/05/2008 15:49:55
600 W. 168th St
08/14/2008 14:14:52
Hunter College
12/23/2008 12:46:25
Hunter College

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