Lincoln Square Theatre / Lincoln Square Arcade

West 65th Street west of Broadway was home to the 1,600-seat Lincoln Square Theatre, which was designed by John B. McElfatrick and built by developer John L. Miller. The theatre opened in October 1906. The entrance to the theatre from Broadway was through a building that had opened four years earlier and came to be know as the Lincoln Square Arcade. The arcade included studio space and was home to a number of artists at various times, including playwright Eugene O'Neill.

Both buildings were demolished in 1958 to create a new home for the Julliard School as part of the Lincoln Center project. The block of 65th street subsequently became a barren passageway until a redevelopment project in the early 21st century to open it to sunlight and human activity.

Lincoln Square Theatre (Anthony F. Dumas, Museum of the City of New York)
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Walter Reade Theatre reconstruction / Julliard School

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