63rd Street Music Hall

22 West 63rd Street

63rd Street Music Hall was designed by Thomas W. Lamb and Erwin Rossbach and opened in 1914. After complex construction period extended by financial problems, the theatre was completed by a religious organization to be used for biblical films and lectures. It presented legit theatre from 1921 - 1941 and was demolished in 1957. The large, nondescript residential tower (30 Lincoln Plaza) that replaced it became home to Lincoln Plaza Cinemas (1886 Broadway at 63rd Street), one of the city's premier art film houses.

63rd Street Music Hall (Anthony F. Dumas, Museum of the City of New York)
63rd Street Music Hall (Wurts Bros., Museum of the City of New York)
08/21/2008 11:31:11
30 Lincoln Plaza
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30 Lincoln Plaza
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30 Lincoln Plaza
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Courtyard and water fountain

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