Lyceum Theatre

149 West 45th Street

Opened: 1903

924-seat house built by Daniel Frohman. This is the fifth "Lyceum" theatre in New York City: A converted church on Broadway and Warren Street survived one season in 1808, Wallack's Lyceum opened in 1850, the Lyceum 14th Street Theatre operated from 1873 - 1886, and a Lyceum on the West side of 312-16 4th Avenue between 23rd and 24th operated from 1885 - 1902, when it was demolished for a Metropolitan Life Insurance building. (reference)

Lyceum is a Latin word for the gymnasium near Athens where Aristotle taught, now commonly used for associations that provide public lectures, concerts, and entertainments, or a hall where public lectures are given. Notable productions include The Gold Diggers of 1919, Born Yesterday, Goodbye Charlie, A Taste of Honey, Your Arm's Too Short to Box With God, Night Must Fall, I Am My Own Wife.

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Lyceum Theatre
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Lyceum Theatre

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