The Uses of Sidewalks

Jacobs stays in the neighborhood in chapter two, The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety, to describe the popularity of center-street seating in the Broadway Mall that extends up the entire UWS, but notes how such seating is ignored in barren areas of Broadway that are effectively walled off by Columbia University. (Jacobs 1961, 47). Later in the chapter, she derides similar barriers in the proposed fences in Park West Village as examples of devices for "Turf" demarcation that are used for coping with insecurity but actually contribute to the social breakdowns that create the insecurity in the first place. (Jacobs 1961, 63)

08/07/2009 12:43:44
Broadway Mall bench
08/07/2009 12:44:00
Broadway Mall bench
08/07/2009 12:50:24
Broadway Mall bench
08/07/2009 12:49:14
Columbia University wall on Broadway
08/14/2009 17:25:23
Park West
08/14/2009 17:27:55
Park West
08/07/2009 13:12:06
Morningside Gardens west perimeter wall
08/07/2009 13:06:02
Vegetation barrier between Morningside Gardens and General Grant Houses

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