The Curse of Border Vacuums

Jacobs final explicit mention of the UWS occurs in chapter 14, The Curse of Border Vacuums, where she contrasts the eastern Fifth Avenue border of Central Park with the Central Park West border on the UWS. While Fifth Avenue has a large number of public attractions both on its east side ("Museum Mile") and its western park side, the Central Park West border is dominated by large apartment buildings that attract little pedestrian traffic other than their residents (Jacobs 1961, 347). The primary attractions of the park are deep inside, essentially only usable by day, and, subsequently, contribute little to the immediate border areas of the park. The one nocturnal exception was a path into the park (presumably in the West 60s) that was frequented by folks walking their dogs, which resulted in sufficient foot traffic (and animal protection) to make the area comparatively safe for other people interested in taking an evening stroll.

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The Naturalists Gate
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Central Park West
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Central Park West

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