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Riverside Park
Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a long narrow strip of land between Riverside Drive and the Hudson River, extending from 72nd street to 158th street. Prehistoric glaciers left rocky outcroppings and steep bluffs on the site and before European settlement the rough terrain was only sparsely populated by Aboriginal Americans.

In 1846, the Hudson River Railroad was built along the shoreline. Between the end of the civil war (President Grant's tomb is in the park) and 1875 the land between the tracks and the bluffs was acquired by the city and plans for a park were commissioned from Frederick Law Olmstead, the chief designer of Central Park. His plan (with numerous modifications) was implemented between 1875 and 1900.

Between 1934 and 1937 a plan known as the West Side Improvement was executed along the Hudson riverfront to double the size of Riverside park to include the West Side Highway and the railroad tracks (which were covered by a promenade). As such the park is split in half by the West Side Highway, the main north-south freeway on the west side (it's East side counterpart is the FDR drive which runs along the East River).

Riverside Park's long, narrow shape makes it defy convenient cartography, but here's an attempt. A vector version of this is also available as an SVG file HERE

Riverside Park Map, December 2007
Riverside Park Map, December 2007

100th St Cherry Walk

100th St Firemans Memorial

101st St Soccer Fields

106th St Hudson Beach

106th St Mall

107th St Volunteer House

108th St Riverside Drive

109th St Skate Park

111th St Basketball Courts

116th St Overlook

119th St Tennis Courts

120th St Forever Wild

120th St Structures

123rd St Grant Memorial

123rd St Overlook

123rd St Sakura Park

125th St Amiable Child Monument

125th St Claremont Playground

125th St Riverside Drive Viaduct

125th St West Harlem Piers

135th St Riverside Ramparts

143rd St Building

148th St Bridge

151st St Gantry

153rd St Trinity Church Cemetery

2008 Windstorm

72nd-83rd St Riverwalk

72nd St Dog Run

72nd St Eleanor Roosevelt Statue

72nd St Track

72nd St Underpass

73rd St Meadow

74th Street Playground

76th St Barge

76th St Basketball Court

76th St Hamilton Fountain

76th St Neufeld Playground

79th St Boat Basin

79th St Interchange

80th St North Lawn

81st St Red Tailed Hawks

82nd St Cyrus Clark Memorial

82nd St River Run Playground

83rd-91st St Promenade

83rd St Hudson Riverwalk

83rd St Underpass

83rd St Warsaw Ghetto Memorial

84th St Rock Outcrop

87th St Comfort Station

87th St Dog Run

89th St Overlook

89th St Soldiers And Sailors Monument

91st St Crab Apple Cove

91st St Garden

91st St Marine Heroes Monument

91st St Playground

91st St Serpentine Promenade

96th-125th St Driftwood Art

96th St Bridge

96th St Clay Courts

96th St Interchange

97th St Playground

99th St Carrere Memorial

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