J. Marion Sims

Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street

Dr. James Marion Sims (1813 - 1883) is commonly regarded as the father of modern gynecology. He was a surgeon at St. Luke's Hospital in New York City and was notable for performing the first successful repair of a vaginal fistula following childbirth in 1849. He is also notorious for developing the technique by practicing on slaves.

Upon Sims death, his peers and patients pledged money for the creation of this monument by Ferdinand von Miller II (1842 - 1929) which was cast in Munich in 1892. The statue originally stood in what is now Bryant Park and was relocated in 1934 to this location across from the Academy of Medicine. The pedestel was designed by Parks Chief Consulting Architect Aymar Embury II (1880 - 1966). (reference)

J. Marion Sims
M.D. L.L.D
Born 1813, Died 1883
Surgeon & philanthropist
Founder of the Woman's Hospital, State of New York
His brilliant achievement carried the fame of
American surgery throughout the entire world.

In recognition of his services in
the cause of science & mankind, awarded
highest honors by his countrymen & decorations
from the governments of Belgium, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal.

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J. Marion Sims
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J. Marion Sims

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