Daniel Webster

72nd Street Cross Drive at West Drive

Daniel Webster (1782 - 1852) was a 19th century Massachusetts Congressman and Secretary of State known for his eloquence. Sculptor Thomas Ball (1819 - 1911) created a bust of Webster shortly before Webster's death that was very popular and widely replicated. In the 1870s, Gordon W. Burnham (who owned the largest manufacturer of brass and copper appliances and fixtures in the United States) commissioned Ball to create this larger-than-life statue of Webster, which was cast at the von Miller foundary in Munich. The resulting work was too large for The Mall and was installed and dedicated at this location on West Drive at 72nd street in 1876. (reference)

Liberty and Union
Now and Forever
One and Inseperable

Presented by
Gordon W. Burnham
July IV, MDCCCLXXVI (July 4, 1876)

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Daniel Webster
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Daniel Webster
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Daniel Webster
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Daniel Webster

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