The Little Red Lighthouse

Fort Washington Park under the George Washington Bridge - 178th Street and the Hudson River

New York, NY

The Little Red Lighthouse is located under the George Washington Bridge on the Manhattan side. It was originally built in Sandy Hook, New Jersey in 1880 and was moved by the Coast Guard in 1921 to guide river traffic away from the shoals at Jeffrey's Hook. In 1942, the lighthouse became a legend when the children's book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge was written by Hildegarde Swift.

The lighthouse became obsolete when navigational lights were put on the bridge and the lighthouse officially decommissioned in 1948. As a result of popular appeals inspired by the book, the lighthouse was saved from the auction block and placed under the jurisdiction of the New York City Parks Department in 1951.

The best way to get down to the lighthouse is from the North side of the bridge. It is possible to get to the lighthouse from the south side of the bridge, but it requires jumping over barricades and walking amongst spooky folks that live under the overpasses.

04/16/2005 17:23:57
From the 181st St. IND (A train) station walk west on 181st street as it becomes Lafeyette Plaza.
04/16/2005 17:25:14
Walk down Riverside Drive and take the pedestrian overpass that crosses the Northbound Henry Hudson Parkway.
04/16/2005 17:20:21
There are painted guides on the sidewalk.
04/16/2005 17:28:53
Walk south toward the bridge...
04/16/2005 17:18:26
Away from the overpass...
04/16/2005 16:54:48
Follow a winding path...
04/16/2005 16:53:44
Away from the bridge...
04/16/2005 16:54:42
That leads under the Southbound Henry Hudson Parkway...
04/16/2005 16:56:17
Over the railroad tracks...
04/16/2005 16:57:41
To the bridge...
04/16/2005 17:02:09
And under the bridge.
04/16/2005 16:58:34
Continuing following the path under
the bridge and down to the water.
04/16/2005 17:04:51
Little Red Lighthouse - from the South
04/16/2005 17:07:13
Little Red Lighthouse - from the North
04/16/2005 17:10:33
Little Red Lighthouse - from the South

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