Snug Harbor

The rail line ran along the coast of Kill van Kull in front of Snug Harbor and into the neighborhood of Livingston. The topography of the area necessitated running the line directly along the coastline and large portions of the ROW have eroded. The erosion in the 1980s made the line impassible just prior to abandonment in 1990.

The coastline just west of Atlantic Salt was home to a skate park that had long been abandoned when I visited in 2009. There was a complex array of wooden boardwalks in various states of disrepair that presented a curious juxtaposition of abandoned rail, wooden structures, and plant growth.

The Sailor's Snug Harbor station was on the coastline, accessed from ornate stone stairways at the west and east ends of the platform. The east end is near the front entry archway to Snug Harbor, with the rear end at Snug Harbor Road. Only the westbound track remains, with the eastbound track presumably on piers out over the coastline. The approximate length of the platform had been covered with an asphalt pathway when I visited in 2009. Reconstruction plans could relocate the station up closer to Richmond Terrace, leaving the coastline for a riverside park.

The line west of Snug Harbor was built on a wooden trestle that was then enclosed with a wooden retaining wall and backfilled with gravel. As the retaining decayed and collapsed, the rail line followed, leaving rails hanging precariously over what is left of the trestle.

A creek that runs through the west part of Snug Harbor empties into Kill van Kull through a culvert that still holds the track intact above it.

A maintained but forlorn memorial to the residents of Livingston that made the supreme sacrifice in WW-II sits just above the track along Richmond Terrace near Snug Harbor Road. Ironically, the memorial's now-remote location demonstrates how the geographic changes of time often lead us to forget things we should remember.

R.H. Tugs is an incongruously nice restaurant between the coast and Richmond Terrace at Snug Harbor Road. A portion of the eastbound track was restored behind the restaurant when the coastline was shored up to prevent the restaurant from falling into the water. However, rail buffs immediately realize it is a fake from the thin, pressure-treated ornamental wooden ties. Whatever was holding up the westbound track long ago eroded into the water.

11/20/2009 15:02:03
Abandoned skate park
11/20/2009 15:02:23
Abandoned skate park
11/20/2009 15:02:41
Vestigial rail in skate park
11/20/2009 15:02:53
Abandoned skate park
11/20/2009 15:04:59
Vestigial rail in skate park
11/20/2009 15:06:10
Abandoned wrecked car
11/20/2009 15:06:21
Overgrown pathway into park
11/20/2009 15:07:47
Homeless encampment
11/20/2009 15:08:27
Vestigial rail
11/20/2009 15:10:19
Wooden boardwalks
11/20/2009 15:11:16
Park entrance
11/20/2009 15:11:23
Broken park sign
11/20/2009 15:11:40
Abandoned park
11/20/2009 15:12:22
Abandoned park
11/20/2009 15:14:25
East entrance to Sailor's Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:15:43
Sailor's Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:13:02
Stairway down to Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:13:27
Stairway down to Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:12:53
Snug Harbor entry arch on Richmond Terrace above the Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:13:54
Dock on Kill van Kull
11/20/2009 15:14:39
Dock on Kill van Kull
11/20/2009 15:14:06
Single track to the west of Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:15:00
Coastline to the east of Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:15:15
Single track headed east into abandoned park
11/20/2009 15:15:28
Single track headed east into abandoned park
11/20/2009 15:16:27
Track joint
11/20/2009 15:16:47
Track headed west with new waterside path
11/20/2009 15:17:10
Retaining wall along track
11/20/2009 15:17:24
Track headed west
11/20/2009 15:17:57
Path down to water
11/20/2009 15:18:30
Passing tugboat
11/20/2009 15:18:42
Flotsam on the shoreline
11/20/2009 15:19:50
Path to shoreline
11/20/2009 15:19:54
Pier remnant on shoreline
11/20/2009 15:20:02
Pipe to something
11/20/2009 15:20:12
West entrance to Sailor's Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:20:29
Vestigial bluestone path to westbound track?
11/20/2009 15:20:42
Pier remnant
11/20/2009 15:20:51
West entrance to Sailor's Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:21:22
West entrance to Sailor's Snug Harbor station
11/20/2009 15:21:08
Pathway to the east
11/20/2009 15:21:35
Already ADA compliant!
11/20/2009 15:21:47
Track headed west
11/20/2009 15:22:05
Vestigial concrete base of something
11/20/2009 15:22:27
Single track headed west from Snug Harbor
11/20/2009 15:22:42
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:22:55
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:23:20
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:23:50
Track and tie closeup
11/20/2009 15:23:56
Track closeup
11/20/2009 15:24:04
Eroded gravel fill
11/20/2009 15:24:25
Eroded gravel fill
11/20/2009 15:24:58
Hanging track
11/20/2009 15:25:19
Decayed retaining wall
11/20/2009 15:25:28
Eroded track and flotsam
11/20/2009 15:26:37
Track and stump
11/20/2009 15:25:43
Rusted track joint
11/20/2009 15:26:04
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:26:17
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:26:57
Track headed over drain
11/20/2009 15:27:06
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:27:51
Drain tunnel
11/20/2009 15:27:56
Track west of drain tunnel
11/20/2009 15:28:06
Decayed retaining wall looking east
11/20/2009 15:28:20
Under the rails
11/20/2009 15:28:50
Track over drain tunnel
11/20/2009 15:29:04
Drain tunnel
11/20/2009 15:29:25
Track headed east from drain tunnel
11/20/2009 15:29:41
Eroded Track headed west from drain tunnel
11/20/2009 15:33:07
Creek headed north to Snug Harbor
11/20/2009 15:33:53
Livingston WW-II memorial
11/20/2009 15:34:04
Livingston WW-II memorial
11/20/2009 15:34:35
Livingston WW-II memorial
11/20/2009 15:36:03
R.H. Tugs
11/20/2009 15:36:24
Tracks behind R.H. Tugs
11/20/2009 15:36:41
Tracks behind R.H. Tugs
11/20/2009 15:37:06
Track closeup
11/20/2009 15:37:18
Tracks headed east into oblivion
11/20/2009 15:37:49
Recoonstructed shoreline
11/20/2009 15:38:11
Track behind R.H. Tugs
11/20/2009 15:38:28
Track headed west from R.H. Tugs

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