Just to the west of R.H. Tugs, the Livingston station supposedly sat at the foot of Bard Avenue. There's a convenience store there, where track resumes its natural state and proceeds west.

Between Bard and Davis Avenues, the track procedes dramatically over another eroded section of fill. The area also features some concrete waterfront structures, perhaps having something to do with the sewer overflow outlet, or perhaps just the foundations of some long-defunct structures.

Snug Harbor was founded on 1801 bequest of farmland by Robert Richard Randall that was delayed by an extended dispute over the will. It finally opened in 1833 to provide a haven for "aged, decrepit and worn out sailors." Over the 19th century the facility expanded to 50 buildings housing over 900 residents from around the world. Residency and financial support declined in the mid 20th century. The few remaining residents were relocated to North Carolina in the 1960s. With the historic property falling into disrepair and being coveted by developers, the New York City Landmark's Commission got the facility listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 83-acre facility was purchased by the city in 1973 and transformed into the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.

For a more detailed history of Snug Harbor, see Gerald J. Barry's The Sailors' Snug Harbor: 1801-2001

Just to the east of sits Neville House, a country residence built around 1770 by John Neville, a retired naval officer. In the 19th century it was used as a tavern that likely received much of its patronage from the retired sailors living next door. When I visited in 2009, it was in pretty bad shape.

The area of New Brighton near Snug Harbor is an area of pleasant, older single-family homes, becoming a little more dense and less affluent as you move west into Livingston and West Brighton.

11/20/2009 15:39:09
Track behind convenience store
11/20/2009 15:39:47
Behind the convenience store
11/20/2009 15:39:56
Retaining wall behind the convenience store
11/20/2009 15:40:24
Track under picnic table
11/20/2009 15:44:39
Picnic table over track looking west
11/20/2009 15:40:42
DEP sewer overflow outlet sign
11/20/2009 15:41:53
The convenience store at Bard Ave
11/20/2009 15:42:25
Looking south at pleasant, old houses on Bard Ave.
11/20/2009 15:42:10
Bard Ave. terminating at the track
11/20/2009 15:44:23
Bard Ave. terminating at the track
11/20/2009 15:45:11
Vestigial 3rd rail base?
11/20/2009 15:45:15
Stump grown over track
11/20/2009 15:45:32
Concrete column?
11/20/2009 15:46:27
Track headed east
11/20/2009 15:46:07
Concrete structure
11/20/2009 15:46:38
Concrete structure
11/20/2009 15:47:02
Concrete structure
11/20/2009 15:46:47
Track erosion continues
11/20/2009 15:47:07
Track headed east past encroaching erosion
11/20/2009 15:47:22
Second concrete structure
11/20/2009 15:50:14
Second concrete structure
11/20/2009 15:47:48
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:48:29
Eroded track
11/20/2009 15:49:54
Under the track
11/20/2009 15:50:28
Brick conduit under track
11/20/2009 15:50:43
Brick conduit under track
11/20/2009 15:50:58
Between the tracks
11/20/2009 15:51:25
Track emerges from erosion
11/20/2009 15:51:42
Track in weeds
11/20/2009 15:52:36
Track heads west into overgrowth
11/20/2009 15:52:57
Track heads west
11/20/2009 15:53:47
Power poles at Con Ed facility
11/20/2009 16:00:12
1925 electrical warehouse, Richmond Terrace btw Bard and Davis
11/20/2009 16:08:53
Richmond Terrace btw Bard and Davis
12/04/2009 11:50:12
Snug Harbor entry sign
11/20/2009 15:11:01
Greek Revival buildings in Snug Harbor
12/04/2009 11:51:15
West entrance
12/04/2009 11:53:02
Site map
12/04/2009 11:53:21
12/04/2009 11:54:50
Buildings on Chapel Road
12/04/2009 11:55:51
Governor's House
12/04/2009 11:56:59
Cottage Road
12/04/2009 11:57:34
12/04/2009 11:58:04
12/04/2009 12:00:50
Connie Gretz Secret Garden tower
12/04/2009 12:01:49
Administration office
11/20/2009 14:59:54
Neville House
11/20/2009 15:00:33
Neville House
11/20/2009 15:00:47
Neville House
12/04/2009 12:06:15
Richmond Terrace at Westbury Ave
12/04/2009 12:07:11
Westbury Avenue
12/04/2009 12:07:24
Westbury Avenue
12/04/2009 12:09:52
Large houses on Richmond Terrace at Kissel Ave
12/04/2009 12:14:16
Davis Ave. north of Richmond Terrace
12/04/2009 12:14:56
Richmond Terrace at Pelton
12/04/2009 12:15:23
Richmond Terrace at Pelton
12/04/2009 12:15:50
Richmond Terrace at Pelton
12/04/2009 12:16:20
Richmond Terrace at Pelton
12/04/2009 12:18:10
Richmond Terrace at Pelton
12/04/2009 12:19:48
Mount Zion Ministry, 631 Henderson
12/04/2009 12:22:57
Henderson at Campbell
12/04/2009 12:23:09
Henderson at Campbell
12/04/2009 12:24:00
Guard pit bull on Campbell
12/04/2009 12:24:32
New development south of Markham Gardens

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