Lake Avenue

The Lake Avenue station sat between Lake Street and Simonson Street. It is not slated for reactivation.

Mariner's Harbor north of the ROW up to the bay is an area of well-maintained older single family homes and some new contextually-sensitive infill development, which is surprising given the remoteness of the area and proximity to industry. If I'd had a chance to come out here on a sunny day, the photos might have had a more Rockwellian character.

12/04/2009 15:06:39
Lake St. Station
12/04/2009 15:06:54
Lake St. Station
12/04/2009 15:07:17
Lake St. Station
12/04/2009 15:08:02
ROW headed east from Lake Avenue
12/04/2009 15:08:27
Inactive power lines along the ROW at Lake Avenue.
12/04/2009 15:36:02
West ends of Lake Avenue Station platforms
12/04/2009 15:36:34
Single track running through Lake Avenue Station
12/04/2009 15:37:40
Simonson Avenue bridge over ROW
12/04/2009 15:43:40
Single track headed west from Simonson Avenue
12/04/2009 15:35:42
Overgrown ROW headed west from Simonson Avenue
12/04/2009 15:10:19
Townhouses on Lake Avenue.
12/04/2009 15:10:31
Lake Avenue headed north toward the coast
12/04/2009 15:11:33
New townhouses
12/04/2009 15:12:03
Mixed age development
12/04/2009 15:16:10
2672 Richmond Terrace
12/04/2009 15:16:37
Townhouses on Wright Avenue
12/04/2009 15:32:43
42 Simonson Avenue
12/04/2009 15:33:10
43 Simonson Avenue
12/04/2009 15:44:03
Van Name at Heusden Street
12/04/2009 15:44:09
Van Name Avenue bridge over ROW
12/04/2009 15:44:27
Heusden Street running parallel on south edge of ROW

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