145th Street Bridge

The 145th Street Bridge links 145th Street in Manhattan with 149th Street in the Bronx. It is a rim-bearing swing bridge with 300-foot swing span supported by a drum girder on the pivot pier and toggle end lifts on approach piers built on deck trusses. The bridge was designed by by Alfred P. Boller as a less-ornamented (and uninspired) copy of his design for the McCombs Dam Bridge. The bridge opened on May 1, 1895.

03/12/2005 15:20:03
View from the South
03/12/2005 15:33:02
View from the Southwest
03/12/2005 15:33:53
Strange fluids under the bridge
03/12/2005 15:33:56
Under the bridge
03/12/2005 15:35:19
View from the Northwest
03/12/2005 15:35:30
Detail of the West approach

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