The Gowanus Canal: Sackett Street / Bayside Fuel Oil

Sergio Allegretti began a coal and ice company in 1937 that later branched out into distribution of heating oil as the Bayside Fuel Oil Corp. His sons Victor Allegretti and Alfred Alfredo Allegretti (1935-2001) later took over the family business, which became Bayside Fuel Oil Depot Corporation and opened this oil terminal on the west bank of the Gowanus Canal between Sackett and Union Streets in 1865. Allegretti hated the delays caused by tides and shipping, but stayed at the location because of its proximity to customers. In 1984, the company acquired a second depot at Shore Parkway and moved its headquarters there. In 1996 and 1997 they acquired the Smith Street (further south on the canal), Grand Street and North 12th Street terminals. In January of 2008, the NY Post reported that the company was exploring options for joining the gentrification of the area by cleaning up the Sackett St. site and building glass residential towers for the wealthy and powerful.

The floating boom across the canal just north of the Fuel Oil Depot is there to catch floating garbage that flows into the canal from storm overflow drains.

11/19/2008 14:26:11
1960's era Gulf Oil sign - Bayside Fuel Oil Depot
11/19/2008 14:26:41
Looking north up the Gowanus Canal from the Union St. Bridge
11/19/2008 14:27:21
Bayside Fuel Oil Depot
11/19/2008 14:52:17
Bayside Accurate Meter Corp. - Bond at Sackett Sts
11/19/2008 14:17:32
Nevins Street north of Sackett
11/19/2008 14:18:01
Artists in Residence - 280 Nevins
11/19/2008 14:18:27
Alley off Nevins St
11/19/2008 14:20:18
Proteus Gowanus - gallery and reading room - 543 Union St
11/19/2008 14:21:51
National Packing Box Factory (artist lofts?) - Union @ Nevins

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