The Gowanus Canal: Fourth Street Basin

Just south of Third St, the canal curves to the west with the Fourth Street Basin extending to the east.

A short channel used to pass from the 4th Street basin under a bridge on 3rd Ave to a basin east of 3rd Ave that was called the 5th Street Basin. The basin was filled in sometime between 1953 and 1965. However, the bridge (NYC BIN 2240310), originally built in 1889 and extensively rebuilt 2007-2008, was left in place.

11/19/2008 15:25:03
Fourth Street Basin
11/19/2008 15:29:15
Fourth Street Basin
11/19/2008 15:28:40
Warehouse - Bond at 4th St
11/19/2008 15:29:27
The Gowanus Canal curving to the west around 4th St
12/18/2008 14:42:28
Cleared lot north of 4th Street basin - Whole Foods site
12/18/2008 14:43:25
Cleared lot north of 4th Street basin
12/18/2008 14:42:32
Cleared lot north of 4th Street basin
12/18/2008 14:42:46
4th Street basin
12/18/2008 14:43:16
Dykes Lumber south of 4th Street basin
12/18/2008 14:43:29
4th Street basin
12/18/2008 14:43:54
3rd Ave bridge - western walkway
12/18/2008 14:44:05
Warehouse on 3rd Ave north of old 5th Street Basin (American Can Company?)
12/18/2008 14:45:02
Loose fill in 5th Street Basin on the east side of the 3rd Ave bridge

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