Wilson Avenue Station

The BMT Canarsie Line (L train) has a station at Wilson Avenue. Since the BMT and Circumferential Line would presumably be sharing tracks at this point, Wilson Avenue would also be a stop for the Circumferential Line. Although the buildings are more commercial to the north, to the west and south there are some quiet neighborhoods.

Just north of Irving Avenue, there is a siding that branches off the Bay Ridge Line to the northwest, crossing Cooper Avenue. The siding is no longer connected to the track, but there are some vestigial rails poking through the pavement at Cooper Avenue.

07/16/2008 18:39:38
Wilson Avenue Station
07/16/2008 18:43:12
Wilson at Moffat
07/16/2008 18:43:33
Apartment building on Moffat
07/16/2008 18:46:53
Warehouses on Moffat
07/16/2008 18:48:34
Losquadro Ice - 335 Moffat St.
07/16/2008 18:48:58
Wooded right-of-way running behind a storage warehouse - note the crushed truck
07/16/2008 18:51:54
07/16/2008 18:51:38
Construction equipment where the siding lead
07/16/2008 18:52:12
Cooper Avenue headed northeast
07/16/2008 18:52:32
Old sign for Boro Kitchen Cabinets
07/16/2008 18:53:12
Cooper Avenue Bridge
07/16/2008 18:53:26
Help Wanted - New Air Conditioned Factory

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