The Sea Beach Line

The BMT Sea Beach Line (N train) also used to terminate at the 64th Street Ferry pier and when the 4th Avenue BMT (N/R train) was built in 1915, the interconnection of the two lines allowed trains coming from the north to fork at 66th street (just east of the Bay Ridge rail yard) with the R train proceeding south into Bay Ridge proper and the N train headed east and then south to Coney Island.

The BMT Sea Beach Line shares the rail ROW (on separate tracks) with the Bay Ridge Line between 4th Avenue and 14th Avenue. Presumably, the Circumferential Line would just use the existing BMT tracks for this portion of its run to save construction costs, although there might be some congestion issues at rush hour.

The streets to the north of the tracks are largely devoted to commercial activity, much of it by Chinese businesses.

07/10/2008 14:38:59
Rail ROW viewed from 5th Ave. bridge looking east - BMT subway on the left, freight rail line on the right
07/10/2008 14:39:20
Rail ROW viewed from 5th Ave. bridge
07/10/2008 14:39:51
Fifth Avenue retail district just north of rail line
07/10/2008 14:41:38
China Perfect Iron and Stainless - 525 63rd St.
07/10/2008 14:42:48
Bay Ridge Live Poultry - 551 63rd St.
07/10/2008 14:46:29
Beit El-Maqdis Islamic Center - 6224 Sixth Ave.
07/10/2008 14:45:57
Beit El-Maqdis Islamic Center
07/10/2008 14:43:19
Beit El-Maqdis - ladies entrance
07/10/2008 14:43:44
Beit El-Maqdis Islamic Center tower
07/10/2008 14:44:37
MTA signal house at Sixth Ave.
07/10/2008 14:45:01
Sixth Ave. bike lane
07/10/2008 14:45:38
Rail lines proceed east from Sixth Ave.
07/10/2008 14:46:34
K.K. Live Poultry? - 6221 Seventh Ave.
07/10/2008 14:47:47
Ming Gee Seafood Palace
07/10/2008 14:47:31
Fiber optic sign
07/10/2008 14:48:17
Commercial space on 61th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues
07/10/2008 14:49:38
Where bamboo shoots come from
07/10/2008 14:54:12
Storage rooms on 61th Street

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