Ocean Avenue - Brooklyn College - Manhattan Beach Junction

When these lines were first built in the 1870s, this intersection of with Ocean Avenue just to the southwest of Brooklyn College was Manhattan Beach Junction - where the Manhattan Beach line south to Coney Island separated from the main Bay Ridge Line. Because the Manhattan Beach Line was, effectively, a spur south off the Bay Ridge Line, termination of passenger service on the Bay Ridge Line in 1924 also terminated service on the Manhattan Beach Line. Freight service continued on the Manhattan Beach Line continued until it was taken up in 1937 and the right-of-way was relinquished.

07/10/2008 18:05:28
Avenue H dead ends into Brooklyn College campus past Ocean Avenue
07/10/2008 18:05:54
Brick street post
07/10/2008 18:06:38
Vacant lot adjacent to tracks off Ocean Avenue
07/10/2008 18:07:16
Strange post near tracks
07/10/2008 18:08:29
Tracks prior to passing under Ocean Avenue
07/10/2008 18:08:52
Ocean Avenue bridge over tracks
07/10/2008 18:11:31
Hot Spot Tot Lot
07/10/2008 18:12:03
Brooklyn College athletic facilities
07/10/2008 18:17:21
Ivy-covered walls at Brooklyn College
07/10/2008 18:17:44
Midwood High School
07/10/2008 18:21:16
North entrance to Brooklyn College
07/10/2008 18:21:37
North entrance to Brooklyn College
07/10/2008 18:24:20
Brooklyn College bell tower
07/10/2008 18:24:36
Old 50's era playground equipment at Brooklyn College

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