New Lots Road Station

New Lots is the site of a station on the Canarsie Line and in the late 19th century, the LIRR Bay Ridge Line had a New Lots Road station somewhere around here that was demolished in the grade crossing elimination project.

There are three separate rail bridges crossing here at New Lots. The easternmost bridge (BIN 7702661) is an 42-foot girder span carrying a service track from the Linden Shop that runs to the west of the Bay Ridge Line and connects to the IRT Brooklyn Line a few blocks up at Livonia Avenue - presumably to carry track sections to/from the Linden Shop. The center bridge (BIN 7702662) is an 42-foot girder span that is a bit overgrown with vegetation. The Canarsie Line bridge (BIN 7702470) is a 53-foot girder span built in 1905.

Palagonia makes great Italian bread that I have often bought in the grocery store. Little did I know it comes from this humble little bakery in Brownsville beside the Bay Ridge Line.

07/16/2008 16:41:52
IRT service track bridge viewed from the west
07/16/2008 16:42:56
Overgrown Bay Ridge Line bridge over New Lots Avenue
07/16/2008 16:43:11
Drain pipe from the service track bridge
07/16/2008 16:44:00
Service track bridge BIN 7702661
07/16/2008 16:44:51
Bay Ridge Line bridge BIN 7702662
07/16/2008 16:45:49
Ghost sign outside New Lots Station for Tobey's Liquor Store
07/16/2008 16:46:05
New Lots Avenue station (L train)
07/16/2008 16:52:06
Palagonia truck
07/16/2008 16:52:32
Palagonia bakery
07/16/2008 16:53:42
Palagonia bakery
07/16/2008 16:42:21
Looking north along the west retaining wall for the MTA storage yard and the Bay Ridge Line right-of-way
07/16/2008 16:50:23
Retaining wall continues to descend - near NYPD surveillance camera
07/16/2008 16:53:47
Razor wire and dead trees protect the storage yard
07/16/2008 16:54:44
Crossover tracks

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