Myrtle Avenue Station

The Bay Ridge Line had a stop at Myrtle Avenue that opened in 1893. While there is no trace of it now, there is quite a bit of forested clearance on both sides of the tracks that would probably leave room for new subway platforms. The bridge is a 114-foot steel stringer built in 1913. As with Cypress Avenue, there was a short platform between the east- and west-bound tracks reached via a staircase from street level. aRRts-Archives had photos from when the station was active but I couldn't find any traces of the old staircase.

The Cypress Hills Street bridge is an othewise unremarkable 78-foot steel stringer bridge from 1913, except for some piers running along the west side. They may have served as the elevated portion of a siding as there are siding rails poking out of the pavement a few hundred feet to the north. The piers now serve as parking place dividers in the parking lot of Glenridge Mews, an upscale apartment building housed in the old Philip Dietz Coal Company Building

07/16/2008 19:29:08
Myrtle Avenue Bridge (BIN 7705150)
07/16/2008 19:30:33
Myrtle Avenue Bridge
07/16/2008 19:34:46
Myrtle Avenue Bridge
07/16/2008 19:29:43
Billboard with no respece for the date marker
07/16/2008 19:30:10
Myrtle Avenue businesses west of the bridge
07/16/2008 19:32:22
Fresh Pond Road north of Myrtle Avenue
07/16/2008 19:32:56
Retaining wall on east side of tracks
07/16/2008 19:33:07
Retaining wall on east side of tracks
07/16/2008 19:37:27
Cypress Hills Street Bridge
07/16/2008 19:38:08
BIN 7705140
07/16/2008 19:38:17
Old insulators on the trestle?
07/16/2008 19:38:23
1913 date marker
07/16/2008 19:38:33
Erika and Teri Buchmiller's flag painting from 9/1/1980
07/16/2008 19:39:30
Cypress Hills Street Bridge
07/16/2008 19:39:08
Elevated siding piers?
07/16/2008 19:40:27
Glenridge Mews
07/16/2008 19:40:38
Glenridge Mews
07/16/2008 19:41:15
Philip Dietz Coal Company
07/16/2008 19:41:35
Glenridge Mews
07/16/2008 19:44:37
Vestigial siding rails in Shaler Avenue
07/16/2008 19:44:04
Low-rise storage garages along the east side of the track on Shaler Avenue
07/16/2008 19:45:23
Storage garages
07/16/2008 19:45:28
R and M Auto Repairs
07/16/2008 19:46:57
Row houses on Shaler Avenue

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