Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, Queens

The Circumferential Line north of the Fresh Pond Yard would use the New York Connecting Railroad line, which proceeds through Middle Village in a trench.

The BMT Myrtle Avenue Line (M train) terminates at the Metropolitan Avenue Station. The NYC Connecting Railroad freight track runs just a few feet east of the BMT tracks, so building platforms and a transfer path should not be difficult.

The NYC Connecting Railroad then proceeds through a short tunnel under Metropolitan Avenue and a portion of Lutheran Cemetery before emerging in a trench.

06/13/2008 17:07:12
Metropolitan Avenue station (M train)
06/13/2008 17:10:12
Tracks running under Metropolitan Avenue
06/13/2008 17:10:57
Tracks run under Lutheran Cemetery
06/13/2008 17:11:53
Tracks run under Lutheran Cemetery
06/13/2008 17:22:04
Middle Village
06/13/2008 17:14:50
Middle Village - Queens Crap
06/13/2008 17:14:58
Middle Village - Frank T. Lang Building
06/13/2008 17:41:55
Middle Village - Pariscien Cafe
06/13/2008 17:34:08
Dos Tacos
06/13/2008 17:43:00
Half a million for a tiny old house in Middle Village
06/13/2008 18:07:43
Archie Bunker's house (from the opening credits) in Middle Village
06/13/2008 18:48:09
Tracks emerge from tunnel under Lutheran Cemetery
06/13/2008 18:48:32
Tracks running through Lutheran Cemetery
06/13/2008 18:46:27
69th Street passing over tracks
06/13/2008 18:50:08
Tracks running under 69th Place
06/13/2008 18:52:25
69th Place bridge over tracks
06/13/2008 18:53:51
Tracks just past 69th Place
06/13/2008 18:54:18
Multifamily brick homes - Juniper Blvd. at 69th Place
06/13/2008 19:02:38
Brennan Field - Juniper Valley Park
06/13/2008 18:59:24
Brennan Field - Juniper Valley Park
06/13/2008 19:03:12
Lutheran Avenue between Juniper Valley Park and the tracks to the west
06/13/2008 19:03:22
Breach in track fence along Lutheran Avenue

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