Livonia Avenue / Junius Street Stations - Brownsville / East New York

The elevated Brooklyn IRT crosses over everything at Livonia Avenue. The Canarsie Line and IRT do not share a station, although there is a pedestrian overpass between the two. A service track from the IRT descends to the south to head into the Linden Shop.

If the recommendation is taken to move the Canarsie Line into the Bay Ridge Line cut, the Circumferential Line and Canarsie Line would share a station here, although there would still probably be no direct transfer available to the IRT.

The Blake Avenue Bridge (BIN 2243900) is a 75-foot prestressed concrete slab bridge built in 1990 that replaced a span here that dated from the 1909 grade elimination project.

07/16/2008 16:55:46
Brooklyn IRT (3 train) crossing over everything
07/16/2008 16:56:13
Surveillance warning sign
07/16/2008 16:56:25
Service track from the IRT descending into the Linden Yards
07/16/2008 16:57:31
Under the IRT track looking west
07/16/2008 16:58:32
Storage yard looking south - IRT service track descend into the yard
07/16/2008 16:59:17
Bay Ridge Line tracks looking south from the Livonia Ave. station pedestrian overpass
07/16/2008 17:00:13
Bay Ridge Line tracks headed north
07/16/2008 17:00:36
End of the storage yard just north of Livonia Ave.
07/16/2008 17:02:42
Livonia Avenue pedestrian overpass
07/16/2008 17:01:17
The Livonia Avenue station
07/16/2008 17:02:56
The Brooklyn IRT headed off to its terminus at New Lots Ave.
07/16/2008 17:04:38
Sealed freight doors on a warehouse on Van Sinderen Ave, just east of the Bay Ridge Line
07/16/2008 17:05:15
Looking North up Van Sinderen Avenue
07/16/2008 17:06:17
Compromised fence at Dumont Avenue
07/16/2008 17:06:50
Arthur N. Brook Center for Positive Change - in an old warehouse on Dumont Avenue
07/16/2008 17:07:19
New row houses on Snediker Avenue
07/16/2008 17:07:40
New apartment buildings on Snediker Avenue
07/16/2008 17:08:22
Old warehouse beside the tracks
07/16/2008 17:08:34
Wheel with wings logo - an automotive concern, we could assume
07/16/2008 17:11:15
The Bay Ridge Line tracks from the south viewed from Blake Avenue Bridge
07/16/2008 17:11:40
Parking lot turned soccer field off Blake Avenue
07/16/2008 17:12:43
Bay Ridge Line tracks headed north viewed from Blake Avenue Bridge
07/16/2008 17:13:27
NYPD Surveillance camera on Blake Avenue
07/16/2008 17:13:43
Blake Avenue Bridge (BIN 2243900)
07/16/2008 17:14:19
Falling concrete wall between Bay Ridge Line and Canarsie Line
07/16/2008 17:15:20
Cables to MTA power substation
07/16/2008 17:15:50
07/16/2008 17:16:19
Nico Metal Products

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