Harlem River and Port Chester Line

After the NYC Connecting Railroad reaches the Bronx, the Amtrak Northeast Corridor line continues north to New Rochelle and, ultimately, to Boston and points north on what was originally the Harlem River and Port Chester Line.

The New York and New Haven Railroad connecting New York City with New Haven, CT opened in 1849 (now the Metro-North New Haven Line. In 1873 (just after the NY&NH merger with the Hartford and New Haven Railroad), the Harlem River and Port Chester Railroad opened to connect the Harlem River Yard (just south of Port Morris) to New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad at New Rochelle. Although the HR&PC has been primarily a freight line, there was passenger service in the Bronx, connecting with a fairly large terminal in the Harlem River Yard. With the opening of the Hell Gate bridge in 1917, NYNH&H trains could run through the Pennsylvania Tunnel and Terminal Railroad in Queens and under the East River directly into Grand Central Terminal. Passenger service to the Harlem River Yard ended in 1931, although Amtrak still uses the line to take passengers from Penn Station to New Haven and points north on the Northeast Corridor.

07/18/2008 16:11:39
Signal and electric gantry over the Northeast Corridor line with abandoned garage
07/18/2008 16:12:38
07/18/2008 16:12:54
07/18/2008 16:13:47
Electric gantries
07/18/2008 16:14:14
Gantry closeup
07/18/2008 16:14:23
Gantry with transformers
07/18/2008 16:14:50
Old yard observation tower
07/18/2008 16:16:01
East 149th Street Bridge over the Northeast Corridor line
07/18/2008 16:16:09
Gantry with transformers
07/18/2008 16:18:02
Bruckner Boulevard under Bruckner Expressway
07/18/2008 16:18:12
Multiple gantries
07/18/2008 16:10:36
Track headed onto the Port Morris Branch from the Northeast Corridor
07/18/2008 16:10:56
Line from the south crosses over the Port Morris Branch
07/18/2008 16:11:28
Overgrown southern part of entrance to the branch from the Northeast Corridor

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