Flatlands / Vanderveer Park / Nostrand Avenue Station

The Brooklyn IRT line (2 and 5 trains) terminates at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Nostrand Avenue, just north of the freight rail tracks. Triangle Junction, a new retail building housing a Target store was built just to the south of the IRT station betweeen Avenue H, Flatbush and Nostrand. The rear part of the parking garage for the building extends over the freight tracks. Presumably, a new station would be built under the parking garage or (more likely) to the west on the site of a fresh produce market that would be seized with eminent domain. A pedestrian tunnel could then connect the two stations.

During the Manhattan Beach Railroad days the Flatlands station sat somewhere east of Nostrand Avenue - perhaps where Triangle Junction is now. The name was changed to Vanderveer Park in 1899 and it lasted until passenger service terminated in 1924.

07/10/2008 18:26:25
Triangle Junction
07/10/2008 18:28:45
Triangle Junction parking garage built over tracks
07/10/2008 18:28:33
Northeastern Produce - 2206 Nostrand Avenue
07/10/2008 18:29:36
Tracks behind Northeastern Produce
07/10/2008 18:30:10
Triangle Junction parking garage
07/10/2008 18:30:41
Tracks running under Triangle Junction parking garage
07/10/2008 18:30:55
Tracks running under Nostrand Avenue bridge
07/10/2008 18:27:41
Nostrand Avenue
07/10/2008 18:33:10
Flatbush Avenue station
07/10/2008 18:34:56
Old-school Nostrand Avenue retail
07/10/2008 19:05:24
The terminator of the IRT rail line
07/16/2008 12:51:45
Flatbush Ave IRT station wall plaque
07/16/2008 12:59:20
Triangle Junction parking garage
07/16/2008 13:01:03
Site of old Flatlands / Vanderveer Park Station?
07/16/2008 13:02:18
Brooklyn College bell tower
07/16/2008 13:02:40
Nostrand Ave Bridge west side
07/16/2008 13:06:06
Triangle Junction viewed from the southeast
07/16/2008 13:07:41
Philip Howard Apartments
07/16/2008 13:09:14
Philip Howard Apartments
07/16/2008 13:10:21
Deck over tracks east of Flatbush Ave.
07/16/2008 13:10:44
Deck over tracks east of Flatbush Ave.
07/16/2008 13:12:26
Apartments along Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:12:46
Apartments along Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:13:11
Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:13:48
Older homes off Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:15:29
Old house and apartment building off Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:17:44
Matching brown brick houses and apartment buildings off Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:18:52
Tracks emerging from decks on Nostrand and Flatbush Avenues
07/16/2008 13:19:29
Brooklyn Avenue bridge over tracks
07/16/2008 13:19:45
Single-family homes on Brooklyn Avenue
07/16/2008 13:20:32
Tracks headed northeast past Brooklyn Avenue
07/16/2008 13:21:03
Track access at Brooklyn Avenue
07/16/2008 13:21:41
Old power pole foundation at Brooklyn Avenue?
07/16/2008 13:22:23
Landscaping on Brooklyn Avenue
07/16/2008 13:23:17
Landscaping on Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:23:49
Matching multicolored brick homes on Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:24:05
Kevin Parker campaign sign

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