Ditmars Boulevard Station

The BMT Astoria Line terminates underneath an NYCCRR arch bridge over 31st Street. This would be a likely spot for a transfer point between the Circumferential Line and the BMT Astoria. If there's space on the deck for platforms, escalators and elevators would either have to descend inside the masonry or, more likely, along the outside of the arch.

07/18/2008 18:49:06
BMT Astoria Line Ditmars Boulevard station
07/18/2008 18:48:29
Shops on 31st Street under the BMT
07/18/2008 18:47:19
Scaffolding for repairs on the arch
07/18/2008 18:52:06
Birds sitting on a Standing Anytime sign
07/18/2008 18:51:09
Bird sitting in a duct in the concrete
07/18/2008 18:42:02
28th Street Bridge
07/18/2008 18:43:11
28th Street Bridge
07/18/2008 18:42:56
Amtrak train passing over 28th Street on its way to Sunnyside and Penn Station
07/18/2008 18:44:30
Inside the arch
07/18/2008 18:44:19
Drain from 28th Street Bridge
07/18/2008 18:43:44
Southern wall of the viaduct
07/18/2008 18:43:35
Southern wall of the viaduct
07/18/2008 18:42:21
Looking east on 23rd street - BMT Astoria elevated line
07/18/2008 18:34:03
Cat on 29th street
07/18/2008 18:33:07
Apartment Houses on 29th Street
07/18/2008 18:23:31
Looking east at the east approach to the Hell Gate Bridge from the Triboro suspension bridge
07/18/2008 18:23:24
07/18/2008 18:19:06
Astoria Park
07/18/2008 18:18:52
Astoria Park
07/18/2008 18:18:37
Astoria Park
07/18/2008 18:14:52
Astoria Park Pool

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