Broadway Junction

This chaotic melange of tracks was originally the point where the Brodway and Fulton Elevated lines met in 1884 (remnants are the J/Z trains). The BMT Canarsie line (L Train) joined the fray in 1928 and the subterranean IND Fulton Street Line (A/C trains) in 1946. Adding to the mess is a the East New York Subway Yard just to the east, although the trolly lines that ran on the streets below are now replaced by buses. The complex has had numerous modifications and renovations over the years, sprinkling in some abandoned sections and vestigial ornamentation.

Underneath all this somewhere is the Bay Ridge Line East New York Tunnel. There was not a station here during the line's passenger days and I'm not sure if there is any kind of connection (or room for platforms) between the IND tunnel and the Bay Ridge Line tunnel. The Circumferential Line and the Canarsie BMT would probably be sharing tracks here. If the line would keep the high BMT platform, limited modifications would be needed. If they were both placed in the Bay Ridge Line tunnel, providing platforms and a transfer corridor would likely be a major task.

07/16/2008 17:48:59
Broadway Junction
07/16/2008 17:50:07
20-20 Car Service
07/16/2008 17:50:29
Broadway Junction
07/16/2008 17:53:32
Broadway Junction
07/16/2008 17:54:17
Broadway Junction station house
07/16/2008 17:57:08
Broadway Junction support beam
07/16/2008 17:57:15
Broadway Junction
07/16/2008 18:00:37
BMT Canarsie Line descending into tunnel under Bushwick Avenue
07/16/2008 18:01:19
Pedestrian tunnel under the BMT Canarsie Line
07/16/2008 18:01:33
Guard dog
07/16/2008 18:04:03
Rush hour on Bushwick Avenue at DeSales Place
07/16/2008 18:04:47
Old rowhouses on Bushwick Avenue
07/16/2008 18:07:44
Old rowhouses on Aberdeen St. south of Bushwick Ave.
07/16/2008 18:22:52
Rowhouses off Granite Street
07/16/2008 18:24:24
New development at 1471 Bushwick
07/16/2008 18:23:49
New development at 1471 Bushwick

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