Brooklyn Random Sample

35 of the 110 survey restaurants were located in Brooklyn. 28 were active Chinese restaurants, one was closed, three were not Chinese, and three were not visited due to time constraints.

Great Wall Kitchen (closed)
Lee's Villa
New Hong Kong
New Number One
King's Food (Kingdom Food)
Number One Restaurant
Great Wall
Lee Chinese Restaurant
Pearl of China
86 Noodle and Dim Sum
Hana Asian Restaurant (Japanese, not Chinese)
City Restaurant (Kam Lee)
Kam Sing
New Pei King
Shun Jia Restaurant (Good Neighbor's Food Corporation)
New Imperial Kitchen (Chinese Delight)
Chef Wong's Restaurant
Dragon Bay Cafe (not Chinese Restaurant)
Kow Loon
Hot Wok
Heng Shun
China City
New Hong Kong
Mandarin Cafe (not Chinese)
Ting Hua
China Delight
New Fu Sing
Food King
Shen Zhou
China Garden (Botanas)
Happy Wok
China Star

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