Sunset Park

The neighborhood is named for a its eponymous park between 41st/44th and 5th/7th Avenues. The first parcel of land for Sunset Park was acquired by the City in 1891 with additional land added until 1905. It was presumably named from its location on a hill facing New York Bay, which gives lovely sunset views of the harbor, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey. The initial layout included rustic retaining walls, an artificial pond, a six-hole golf course and a carousel, along with extensive landscaping. The park was extensively redesigned in 1935 with the central feature of the being a an Art Deco pool and recreation center designed by Aymar Embury II and constructed by the depression-era Works Progress Administration.

10/31/2008 17:34:28
Sunset Park
10/31/2008 17:35:01
Sunset Park
10/31/2008 17:36:14
Sunset Park
10/31/2008 17:36:50
Lower Manhattan from Sunset Park
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New York Bay from Sunset Park
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Sunset in Sunset Park