New York Cab Company

318 - 330 Amsterdam at 75th Street

Opened: 1890

Architect: C. Abbott French

This Romanesque Revival building originally was one of the numerous stables run by a a firm incorporated in 1884 that provided horse-drawn carriage service using practices later adopted by the auto taxi industry, including fixed fares, badged drivers and yellow-painted carriages.

With the coming of both the automobile and the subway in the first decade of the 20th century, the stable was converted to a succession of automotive tenants in 1910. A painted sign for Sheridan Square Motors still existed on the western wall of the building as of 2009. The building was landmarked by the city in 2006 with the finding that the building, "...has a special character, special historical and aesthetic interest and value as part of the development, heritage, and cultural characteristics of New York City" (LPC 2006a).

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New York Cab Company
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New York Cab Company
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New York Cab Company
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Sheridan Sq. Motors wall sign

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