Israel Railways: Haifa

Because I wanted to be back on the train south in time to get home for dinner at a decent time, I chose to get out at Haifa Bat Galim station. The stop wasn't much of a tourist destination, although the fact that the entire area seems to have been built in the mid 1970s made it a bit of an architectural time trip back to the age of disco.

Walking around the area I stubled across a diversified shopping plaza a few blocks from the station. Joseph Meyerhoff Square was presumably named after Joseph Meyerhoff (1899-1985) a Ukranian-born Jew who immigrated to the U.S. as a child and ended up making a fortune in development and construction. He was one of a group of Jewish-American businessmen who aided Israel during the 1950s and he continued to support Jewish charities as a philanthropist after retirement. He also has a symphony hall in Baltimore named after him.

05/29/2011 12:45:02
Train leaving Haifa station
05/29/2011 12:49:54
Subterranean walkway
05/29/2011 12:51:20
Haifa - Bat Galim
05/29/2011 12:51:30
Sderol Hahagana
05/29/2011 12:54:02
05/29/2011 12:55:14
Hayl Hayam St.
05/29/2011 12:55:52
Apartment courtyard
05/29/2011 12:57:06
Haifa - Baha'i Shrine
05/29/2011 12:59:02
Joseph Meyerhoff Square
05/29/2011 13:14:26
05/29/2011 13:06:16
Produce section
05/29/2011 13:07:12
Water and dairy
05/29/2011 13:09:16
05/29/2011 13:09:28
Outdoor cafe
05/29/2011 13:11:20
05/29/2011 13:11:34
05/29/2011 13:14:16