Somerset Wind Power Project

Somerset, PA

Somerset Wind Power Project sits just to the south of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-70/76) about an hour southeast of pittsburgh, PA. The wind farm consists of six 1.5 MW Enron Wind TZ turbines sitting on a ridge line that is part of a 600-acre farm. The towers are 210 feet tall and the rotors have a diameter of 231 feet.

The 9 MW plant is fairly small as wind farms (and power plants in general) go (a typical coal-fired plant is 500 MW) and annually produces aroun 25,000 MW-hours or enough electricity to supply around 2,500 homes. However, this part of Pennsylvania has considerable wind energy potential. The Green Mountain Wind Farm is located on a farm around 10 miles south of the SWPP.

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Somerset Wind Power Project
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Somerset Wind Power Project
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Somerset Wind Power Project
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Downtown Somerset Courthouse
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Downtown Somerset Historical Sign