Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday was devoted to further work on the sewing room, which ultimately would not be completely emptied until our final day in the house. As unessential as most of the contents of that room were, the amount of time spent packing its contents was extensive. And it's hard to imagine putting my mom's wedding dress or my dad's graduation robe out on the street for such an ignominious end.

Thursday was also the third pickup by the FEMA-contracted garbage collectors.

11/17/2005 19:09:08
Work continues on the sewing room
11/17/2005 19:09:35
From my earlier career as a visual artist
11/17/2005 14:22:59
Rectifier tube for an industrial electrostatic precipitator. Makes a great gift.
11/17/2005 13:39:09
Pickup #3
11/17/2005 13:39:26
Pickup #3

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