TOD Field Trip: South Pasadena / Mission Meridian Village

Los Angeles, CA

At the South Pasadena Station, we viewed another transit-adjacent development, Mission Meridian Village, designed by noted new urbanists Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoides. It gathered both great press as well as some criticism. A notable feature is the 385-space subterranean parking garage that increases the viability of the transit stop in car-centric LA.

04/12/2013 12:52:34
South Pasadena station
04/12/2013 12:52:52
Track inspection
04/12/2013 12:55:44
South Pasadena station
04/12/2013 12:56:44
Mission at Meridian
04/12/2013 12:56:56
Crossing Mission Street
04/12/2013 12:57:46
Mission Meridian Village
04/12/2013 13:06:02
Underground parking
04/12/2013 13:06:28
Mission Meridian Village
04/12/2013 13:06:40
Mission Meridian Village
04/12/2013 13:08:26
Alexander Kalamaros
04/12/2013 13:08:38
Meridian Avenue looking north
04/12/2013 13:21:30
Riding the Gold Line

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