Riverside Water Tower

Riverside, IL

William LeBaron Jenny's Swiss Gothic water tower is the iconic architectural feature of Riverside and was part of the community from its beginning. The well house and pump house were added around 1890, and the original wooden tank was replaced after a fire in 1913. Distinguishing features include a sloping cut-stone base, a pier arcade with pointed arched keystones, a catwalk supported on stone corbels and the pointed cap roof. (history)

Water Tower (1871)
08/01/2011 14:10:06
Water Tower
08/01/2011 14:08:08
Water Tower pump house (1913)
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Water Tower well house
08/01/2011 14:13:30
Riverside Historical Museum
08/01/2011 14:13:14
Riverside Historical Museum
08/01/2011 14:13:44
Landmark plaque

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