Riverside Depot

Riverside, IL

This line was originally built in 1863 by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, and the depot dates from 1901. The CB&Q was merged into the Burlington Northern in 1970, which then was merged into the BNSF in 1996.

Riverside Depot - Riverside Depot (1901)
Riverside Depot (1901)
Riverside Depot - Riverside Train Depot (1901)
08/01/2011 14:03:04
Riverside Train Depot (1901)
Riverside Depot - Depot and Water Tower
08/01/2011 14:03:48
Depot and Water Tower
Riverside Depot - Depot
08/01/2011 14:06:08
Riverside Depot - Depot
08/01/2011 14:19:06

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