Sergei Denham (1897 - 1970)

Sergei Denham was born in Moscow. Interest in ballet started in his student days. He became vice-president of the American corporation which ran the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. When Massine departed from Colonel de Basil's Ballet, a reorganization of the company occurred - leaving Denham as director for 24 years. He also began the Ballet Russe School of Ballet in 1956 (taking over the Swoboda - Yurieva School). I took many classes there with one of my favorite teachers, Edward Caton. Some of us who have passed our 50th year may have danced in this company. From 1938 to 1951 Danilova was the Prima Ballerina: Other great dancers with this company were Alicia Markova, Mia Slavenska, Tamara Toumanova, Frederic Franklin, Marc Platoff, Igor Youskevitch, George Zoritch, and for a short time Sergi Lifar. It was the coming of World War II that made the company stay in the US.

(First published April 1989)

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