Coulon Family

The Coulons were a famous French family of dancers during the last quarter of the 18th and the first half of the 19th century. Anne- Jacqueline Coulon was a dancer with Paris Opera from 1778 to 1802, appearing with Dauberval, Gardel and Vestris. Her brother Jean-Francois Coulon entered the Opera in 1787 and was one of the most prominent Paris teachers from 1808 to 1830. His son Antoine-Louis (1796-1849) made his career at the Opera, but often appeared as a guest in London's Her Majesty's Theatre where he was appointed Ballet regisseur in 1844. Antoine-Louie's son Eugene was in great demand as a ballroom dance teacher in England. The Coulons were the teachers of the Taglioni family.

(First published November 1992)

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