City Theatre

Main Street at State Line Road
Junction City, AR

I believe this was the 230-seat City Theatre, although the absence of any marquee or street number on the building made identification uncertain. The 1943 Film Daily Yearbook lists the City Theatre as the only theatre in this community. The 1949 Film Daily Yearbook lists the theatre as the New City Theatre in a town of 814 persons. The change in moniker may have been associated with a renovation since the architectural detailing seemed to be a bit newer than the surrounding structures.

Regardless, when I first photographed the theatre around Thanksgiving 2007, like almost everything else on Main Street, it had obviously been closed for some time and given that the town hadn't grown much in 58 years (population 721 in the 2000 census), there wasn't much hope for it. When I returned a year later, it was gone.

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