Center Theatre

407 Main Street
Little Rock, AR

In the 1949 Film Daily Yearbook, (before TV and white flight decimated downtown theatres) there were four movie theatres listed on Main Street, the 500-seat Rex Theatre (106 Main), the 880-seat New Theatre (112 Main), the 330-seat Roxy Theatre (205 Main) and the 900-seat Royal Theatre (407 Main). At some point since then, The Royal was renamed the Center Theatre. Though obviously closed, like almost everything else on Main Street, supposedly the property is being held by a speculator with the hopes that the area will experience a rebirth similar to the Rivermarket district just up the street. The Art Moderne building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003 (#03000422). CinemaTreasures lists the seating as 1,250 but gives no other details.

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