Paramount Theatre

Rutland, VT
Opened 1914, restored 1999
Seats 850

The Playhouse Theatre was built by George T. Chaffee with an exterior in classical style and an interior typical of a Victorian opera house. The house transitioned primarily to motion pictures in 1931 and was renamed the Paramount Theatre. Facing dwindling audiences, the theatre closed in 1975 and sat dormant until 1985 when Center on the Alley, Inc. was formed to purchase the theatre for use as a performing arts center. The adjoining Richardson Block building was purchased in 1995 and the architectural firm of Nimtz - Berryhill - Figiel developed the plan to unite the two buildings to supply modern amenities. Restoration was completed in early 2000 and the theatre reopened in March 2000. (12/08/2001)

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